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Lathrop Mayor Sayles: Im not a quitter
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LATHROP – For the second  time in the last two months, Lathrop Mayor Kristy Sayles was asked to resign.

Dan Doyle reiterated his demand during the citizen’s forum portion of the city council meeting Monday night.

The difference this time is that, while the mayor offered no comment the first time she was asked to step down, this time she came out verbally swinging.

“I’m not a quitter,” Sayles firmly stated, adding, she will “never quit” her position.

After thanking the people who have “rallied around” her during the difficult days after Oct. 5, she announced that she will continue to hold down her post as town mayor until the official turning of the guard at the first council meeting in December when the new elected officials are sworn in to their new posts.

Oct. 5 was the day her now estranged husband, Thomas Xavier Sayles, was arrested by police and booked into San Joaquin County Jail on charges of felony child abuse. The arrest was made following a report made by the mayor to police after she found out about the abuse which, according to police reports and information she herself provided in a press release to the media, happened the evening of Oct. 4 while she was presiding over the council meeting. The victim was identified in police report as the 8-year-old stepson of Thomas Sayles and one of the three children of Kristy Sayles from a prior marriage.

“I’m asking you to resign your post and save your city from embarrassment. You’re driving the city down with an anchor around its neck. Just step down and resign and save the city from embarrassment,” said Doyle at the podium as the mayor’s estranged husband stood in the back of the council chambers listening to the proceedings.

The mayor’s comment on the demand for her resignation came after she called for a three-minute break during the meeting without offering an explanation. She walked to the back of the room into the city offices. Asked if the break in the meeting had to do with the presence of Thomas Sayles in the council chambers, Lt. Chris Pehl said he was not aware of that happening.

Meanwhile, the case against Thomas Sayles is continuing in Manteca Superior Court. The original bail of $50,000 was later reduced to $25,000 with the felony charge dropped to a misdemeanor. He posted bail and was released from jail.