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Lathrop mayor: unpaid campaign debts are my personal business
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LATHROP – Mayor Kristy Sayles said all the creditors who are still waiting to be paid for expenses she incurred during her 2008 mayoral campaign will be paid eventually.

She made the statement at the last city council meeting in response to criticism lodged by Lathrop farm owner Dan Doyle about her outstanding debts. Doyle, who lives in Manteca but owns a farm in Lathrop, questioned why she is running another re-election campaign when she has not settled her earlier debts.

“How can you run a city with $28,000 in debt from the last (campaign)? I don’t understand that…. I don’t think you need to run, unless you use the money from your husband’s lawsuit” against the City of Lathrop, Doyle blatantly said from the podium.

In response to the criticism about her unpaid campaign bills, the mayor told Doyle, “Sir, that’s my personal business.”

And as far as her creditors are concerned, she said, “Yes, they will be paid back.”

She also briefly addressed Doyle’s mention about the lawsuit her husband, Tom, has filed against the city by simply saying, “I (have) absolutely nothing to do with that.”

 The mayor, who is running for re-election in November for what she hopes will be a third term, still owes a total of $27,998.05 from  various sources including a loan from her child care business and print ads that ran in The Rush, Lathrop’s monthly newspaper which receives a $1,200 a month subsidy from the city.  

According to the California Form 460 Campaign Disclosure Statement she filed with the city, the mayor still has outstanding debts of $18,650.98 from her 2008 campaign and an unpaid loan of $9,347.07 from her home-based child care business for a total of $27,998.05. The $18,200.98 is from Strategic Research of Stockton which was behind the blitz of mudslinging campaign mailers that mainly attacked her opponent, former council member Robert K. Oliver. The attacks included name-calling which branded Oliver as the Water Boy for the developers. Oliver responded to that particular criticism by bringing a pail and a bottle of water to a council meeting, placing both prominently next to his seat on the dais.

Sayles also owes $450 to The Rush Publications for campaign print ads that ran in the monthly publication.

The semi-annual disclosure statement filed by Sayles – each elected official is mandated to file one –covers the period from Jan. 1 to June 30, 2010. The official form also shows that Sayles’s child care business loaned her campaign $9,347.07 which were made in September 2007, October 2008, and May 2009.

According to the papers she filed, she has not made any loans to her campaign to date and has a beginning balance of $521.81. The form also lists her husband, Tom, as her campaign committee’s treasurer.

In the Nov. 2 elections this year, Sayles’ two contenders for the mayor’s seat are former council member Steve Dresser and Lathrop businessman J. “Chaka” Santos.