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Manteca moves to reduce water costs with new park wells
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Manteca is spending $449,012 to avoid a future $2 million investment in Manteca’s drinking water supply system.

The City Council Tuesday authorized installing four new wells and converting an existing well for the sole purpose of irrigating five Manteca parks with non-potable groundwater.

It is the latest phase of Manteca’s ongoing efforts to reduce the use of expensive treated drinking water while upgrading water pressure. It also helps indirectly conserve water as well as reduces the need for new water wells.

“It’s good to know the city is working to keep costs down to taxpayers (and ratepayers),” noted Councilman Vince Hernandez.

Amerine Systems submitted the low bid to install non-potable groundwater irrigation wells, irrigation controllers electrical panels at Chadwick, Primavera, Bella Vista and Springport Parks. The project also includes converting a well to irrigate Southside Park.

When the parks are being irrigated they draw 300 gallons a minute. Since watering takes place in the early morning it also hits at peak usage.

The switch not only frees up the equivalent of the need for one new domestic water well costing $2 million but it also will significantly increase water pressure.

The higher water table also has a higher nitrate concentration which helps fuel healthy grass growth.

Other parks that irrigation wells have been installed have noticed a severe drop in yellow or brown spots. That’s because water pressure is also significantly better for the irrigation of parks once they are drawing on their own independent wells.

Pumping from higher water tables also addresses ongoing high water issues in some areas of the city. It also takes considerable pressure off the need for surface water or clean water from deeper aquifers to supply domestic water for city use.