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Moorhead nets single $4K donation
Punjabi Americans flex political muscle, open wallets
The biggest money contributors to this year’s Manteca mayoral candidates aren’t developers - it’s members of the Punjabi American community.

Punjabi Americans have invested $8,360 into the mayor’s race including the single largest contribution ever in Manteca political history in the form of a $4,000 contribution from the Punjabi American Association of Manteca to Debby Moorhead. They group also contributed $1,000 to the campaign of incumbent councilman John Harris.

Mayor Willie Weatherford received $4,610 from 18 individual Punjabi Americans who own or operate retail businesses and trucking lines in or near Manteca.

Altogether the four candidates for mayor in the Nov. 2 election received $43,762 in monetary contributions so far. Weatherford led the way with $23,738 followed by Debby Moorhead with $9,499, Ben Cantu with $5,468, and Carlon Perry with $5,057.

During the same period $6,793 was raised in the races for two council seats. Incumbents John Harris took in $6,595 and Vince Hernandez received $2,198. Neither challenger - Samuel Anderson or Richard Behling - reported any contributions. They are spending less than $1,000 on their campaigns with it all coming out of their pockets.

Typically developers followed by the agricultural community are the two biggest sources of contributions in Manteca city races. This year developers are in a distant second.

This campaign is also seeing another first with the purchase of billboard space. The space along the Highway 120 Bypass cost Cantu $2,500.

Cantu also received the first political contribution in Manteca politics from a non-profit charitable foundation in the form of $500 from the Antone & Marie F. Raymus Foundation.

Weatherford donations
Among the contributions Weatherford has received as of Sept. 30 include Albert Boyce $250, AKF Development  $250, Bill Filios $250, Michael Orr $100, Dale Johnson $50, Sherilyn Weatherford $250, Donald Busser $250, Ted Poulos $99, Antonette Poulos $99, Charan Nojar $200, Amar Singh $100, Avtar Randhawa $250, Gurtej Brar $100, Chatlarpel Pabla $100, Harpreet Singh $300, Kashmira Singh $50, Arin Singh $100, Jar-nail Singh (Two Guys Food/Fuel) $300, Jar-nail Singh (Lathrop Gas and Food) $300, Jar-nail Singh (One Stop Market) $200, Agil Singh $200, Aneel Kamal  $60, Anit Singh $300, Rajin Singh $200, Sucha Sihota $100, MNB Express trucking $1,500, Classic Truck Line $100, Committee to Elect Mick Founts Superintendent $250, Toinette Rossi $250, George Gibson $250, Julie Barc $500, Craig Barton $250, Steve Bestolarides $250, George Perry Sr. $250, L.F. Tallerico $250, Luis Arismendi $250, Bob Brocchini-Bob Brocchini Farms $500, Thomas Terpstra $250, Tuff Boy Leasing$500, Domic DePalma $250, Bill Cabral $500, Rose Pedals $500, Manteca Trailer Camper $500, Frank Fiore-Center Plumbing $250, Union Ranch Partners $250, Jeff Shields $250, Marv Brocchini $250, Ag Enterprises $250, Jon Anderson $250, Victor Mow $100, Amarjit Dhaliwal $250, Arthur Nunes Jr. $250, John Coburn $250, Ronald L. Cheek Corp. $500, Steve Essotan $250, James McKinley $25, Sandra Vochatzer $25, Diane McGuire $25, Marion Elliott $50, Daryll Quarsma $200, Rose Nunes $25, Ruth Moore $25m Robert Winter $50, Richard Silverman $50, Ken Hafer $99, Rick Aiella $50, Thomas Clarke $25, John Aretakis $50, David Bricker $50, Fredrick Wentworth $200, Edward Cardoza $250, Harold Hodges $100, Joan Barbera $50, and Mark Oliver $250.

Non-monetary include $475 from AKF Development to co-host a fundraising lunch, $505 co-hosted lunch fundraiser from Raymus Homes, retired councilman Jack Snyder gave $250 to pay for Pumpkin Fair booth, and retiree Linda LaRock donated $1,263.77 for a hosted reception as well as $80 for precinct lists and maps, and $38 for a cake for the reception.

Moorhead donations
Among Moorhead’s donations as of Sept. 30 are Punjabi American Association $4,000, Cardoza Enterprises $100, David Coates $450, Building Industry Political Action Committee of the Delta $99, Diane Bowers $100, Lynn Hawkins $100, Arlene Utall $250, Marvin Mears $100, Daryll Quaresma $1,000, Jimmy McGraw $100.

Moorhead also made a $3,600 donation to her campaign and has paid $2,500 of it back to herself leaving a balance of $1,100.

Cantu donations
Among Cantu’s donations as of Sept. 30 are Cantu to his own campaign $3,674.68, Antone E. Maris F. Raymus Foundation $500, LaSuper Altena Market $1,000, and Porfirio Castillo $100.
Perry donations
Among Perry’s donations as of Sept. 30 are John Kamps $1,000, Deanna Ugarkovich $300, Terry Davis $500, Julian Holifield $250, Fred Milner $200, Casey Wichert $100, Larry Miller $100, Lynn Wichert $100, Casey Wichert $100, Georgiana Reichelt $100, Joyce Hanson $200, Robert Fenell $100, Douglas Zirpel $150, Doug Heath $100,Ethan Ives, $100, Zayah Aill $100, Robert Quiner $100, and Brenda Franklin $100.

Harris donations
Among Harris’ donations as of Sept. 30 are the Punjabi American Association of Manteca, George Perry $100, Mark Oliver $100, Willie Weatherford $100, Frontiers $100, Next Bay Properties $200, Florsheim Homes $200, John Colburn $200, Luis Arismendi $200, Aldo Brochinni Trust $200, Brocchini Family Partnership $200, TX3 Enterprises  $200, Hakeem, Ellis & Marengo $200, Tuff Boy Leasing $400, Knife River Construction $200, Avanti Properties $606, Kim Smith $100, Truex Insurance $200, Tallerico Family Limited Partnership $200, Anthony Alegre $200, Center Plumbing $200, Steve Bestolarides $200, Phil Pennio $200, DePalma Farms $200, and Tom Terpstra $100.

Hernandez donations
Among Hernandez’ donations as of Sept. 30 are Ruth Bricker $260, MCR Engineering $250, Center Plumbing $250, Vince Hernandez $100, TX3 enterprises $250, and Avanati Properties $250.

Hernandez said the funds donated represented the number of chicken dinner tickets each donor bought at $10 apiece.

Hernandez at the state of the race had vowed not to take more than $10 from anyone. Hernandez said in the case of the chicken dinner tickets the donors received chicken dinner tickets all in value to what they donated. He added the donors then distributed tickets to others for free.