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Move to put Tesoro Park in LMD will save $117,000
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Tesoro Park is not yet finished but when it is city taxpayers won’t be on the hook for maintaining it.

The Manteca City Council on Tuesday is expected to start proceedings that would annex the 9.6-acre park in southeast Manteca to the existing Tesoro Landscape Maintenance District (LMD).

The existing district maintains landscaping along street right-of-way but not the park.

The developers – Standard Pacific Homes and Woodside Homes – agreed to include the park in the maintenance district in exchange for an extension of their sewer allocation time limits.

Since most of the lots are still in the control of the developers, there isn’t a question whether the eventual vote will favor annexation.

Tesoro subdivision consists of 485 residential lots bounded by Atherton Drive Van Ryn Road and Woodward Avenue. The current assessment is $440.42 per lot. But because all of the improvements are not in place, staff indicated the assessment for next fiscal year starting July 1 is expected to be $218.76.

The move to annex the park to the landscape maintenance district will save the general fund $117,000 each year.

It will be the third park maintained in this manner in Manteca. The others are Rodoni Estates and Valley Park.