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Neighbors fret about Vasconcellos race track
Crivello Estates is being developed along the northern extension of Vasconcellos Avenue. - photo by HIME ROMERO
Residents around the proposed 65-home Crivello Estates semi-custom neighborhood didn’t have a problem with the new houses that were being proposed Tuesday before the Manteca Planning Commission.

But further extending Vasconcellos Avenue without any traffic mitigating factors, residents say, is a recipe for disaster.

And while the proposal for the residential project was unanimously approved by the commission to be forwarded on to the City Council with a favorable recommendation, it was the idea put forth by Community Development Director Mark Nelson that managed to appease the dozens of angry residents who say they’re tired to seeing cars flying through the streets and executing race-track-style moves on what has become one of Manteca’s longest straight shots.

While speeding problems were initially supposed to be addressed with bulb-outs at key intersections, Nelson agreed that the vast concerns that were being raised – which also included an increase in crime in the neighborhood park when the sun went down – needed to be addressed.

“I know that I don’t represent the police department, but these people have complaints and they’re concerned about things like traffic and crime and we should set up a forum where we can work to alleviate some of those concerns,” Nelson said.

According to resident Jay Eremy, he cringes every time one of his two children walks out into the street where motorists zip by with a blatant disregard for anybody other than themselves.

“Vasconcellos has become a race track, and there isn’t anything that anybody is doing about it right now,” he said. “It makes me worried as a parent.”

And even he had a close call recently when chatting with fellow neighbor Randy Jackson that said he’s fed up with the racing-style maneuvering through streets that should be filled with playing kids.

“I was just standing outside and this car comes flying up past us and hits the sidewalk and goes up onto it with his two tires,” Jackson said. “He just backed up like nothing happened, and zigzagged his way through where we were standing like we weren’t even there.

“You, guys, are sitting up there talking about helping the developers of this project, but I’m talking about helping all of the people here in this room now that are really worried about what their street is becoming.”

The future date for the Vasconcellos/Crivellos Estates workshop suggested by Nelson has not yet been officially set.

Crivello Estates is being developed between where the northern end of Vasconcellos Avenue now is stubbed to Louise Avenue. There will be no connection though to Louise Avenue although a low-profile landscaped area designed for emergency access will be created.