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Takada drops out of race for Republican nomination
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Former East Union graduate and 11th congressional district hopeful Jeff Takada is throwing in the towel.

Takada – who was previously known as Jeff Wells – announced Friday that he would be dropping out of the race for the Republican nomination in a bid to take on two-term incumbent Jerry McNerney in the fall.

Despite a relatively strong showing at a candidate’s forum earlier in the year, Takada – who pledged to run a zero-debt campaign – found it difficult to keep up with other candidates that loaned themselves extensive amounts of money in order to stay competitive in a field of six hopefuls.

Takada was the only candidate from Manteca, and prided himself in not only growing up inside of the district he hoped to represent, but also living and working within the same boundaries.

“Despite the outpouring of support from voters around the district for my congressional campaign focusing on limited government, sound monetary policy, individual liberty, and fighting for Delta water, I have reluctantly been forced to concede the fight to beat Jerry McNerney to another Republican,” Takada wrote in an e-mail to campaign supporters, staffers, and the media. “Campaign expenses piled up at a rate faster than our committee could contend with without entering into irresponsible debt – the bane of any true fiscal conservative.

“I look forward to continuing to fight with a sharp voice for local control over Delta water and the values of limited government, sound fiscal policy, and individual liberty through the Republican Liberty Caucus and the Campaign for Liberty. I encourage all people who are concerned about the direction our republic is taking to get involved in the local TEA party movement, educate yourself about the critical Delta water issues, and demand accountability and responsibility from our elected representatives and the candidates that seek to replace them.”

Still remaining in the fight for the nomination are Lodi grape grower Brad Goehring, San Ramon attorney David Harmer, Lodi businessman Robert Beadles, retired United States marshal and Lodi resident Tony Amador, and retired government liaison for Autism Speaks and Danville resident Elizabeth Emken.

Harmer has been sending mass e-mails outlining his positive fundraising campaign, while Emken claims she raised $30,000 just last week.