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Gun shots end with police finding home with more than 100 pot plants
Some of the 100-plus marijuana plants that were seized by Manteca Police. - photo by PAUL MAHONY

A report of gun shots just after midnight Monday led Manteca Police to a rental house being used as a greenhouse to grow more than 100 marijuana plants.

Police received calls about gun shots in the area of Park Avenue and Oregon Street near Southside Park at 12:01 a.m. Monday.

In responding, police were not able to locate any suspects or bullet casings.

During the search, police knocked on the door of the home at 518 Willow Avenue. When the door was opened, officers noticed the plants and asked the man if they could enter. He allowed them to do so.

Police arrested Oscar Omar Acosta-Betran, 26, on charges related to the marijuana.

Officers suspect that marijuana had been grown in the home since October.

Officers removed more than 100 plants plus numerous stacks of black pots, fans, and other equipment.

The home was full of code violations including wiring and water that wasn’t to code. They were used to grow the marijuana.