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Hard time finding the signs
Effort underway to make Manteca visitors friendly
These are the current directional signs to reach the Manteca Civic Center and police department. - photo by HIME ROMERO
They are out there but you can barely see them.

They’re wayfindng signs. They are put at various spots around town to direct visitors to destinations of interest throughout Manteca. The only problem is you can’t see them when you’re driving.

Case in point was an effort by a photographer to find signs on Yosemite Avenue directing travelers to visitors’ information and the museum and one on Union Road telling those leaving the Highway 120 Bypass how to get to the golf course.

He couldn’t find any of them. He had better luck – although it took some effort – to find signs pointing out how to get to the police department and civic center.

The Manteca Convention & Visitors Bureau working in conjunction with the City of Manteca wants to change all of that.

The Manteca Planning Commission Tuesday will consider changing the municipal wayfinding sign ordinance to allow the adoption of the community directional sign program. At the same time, the rules limiting such signs to being rectangular in size and no bigger than 18 inches wide by 30 inches deep all are being dropped.

The commission meets at 7 p.m. at the Manteca Civic Center, 1001 W. Center St.

The city learned the importance of such signs with the Big League Dreams sports complex. Out-of-town visitors had a difficult time finding the right exits on the Highway 120 Bypass. That was until Caltrans installed state-approved wayfaring signs indicating you reached the BLD complex via the Airport Way exit.

The CVB and city see a need for Manteca’s own attractive and easy to read wayfinding signs to get visitors from BLD and The Promenade Shops at Orchard Valley to downtown, the golf course, the visitor’s center, and other attractions.