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Homeless shower using hose behind city fire station
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If you’re homeless in Manteca, where do you shower?
Apparently one option is using the garden hose located behind the Union Road fire station.
During the Tuesday Manteca City Council budget workshop, Fire Chief Kyle Shipherd noted that one of the “lower priority” requests his department has for the upcoming 2018-2019 fiscal year budget is for a security gate to block access to the parking lot at the rear of the city’s headquarters station on Union Road.
Shipherd noted “unwanted” persons are ending up behind the building after office business hours. Among their activities is taking a shower using garden hoses.
Wrought iron fencing solved another issue with after-hours escapades in the courtyard of the Manteca Library on Center Street. The fencing — complete with security gates — stopped after hours drug use, camping, damage to wiring and light fixtures and stopped other problems such as garbage being left every morning as well as using the area for an impromptu bathroom.

Bring back
the local
artist displays
There’s $1,500 being proposed in the upcoming budget to decorate the wall behind the Manteca City Council dais.
Staff made the suggestion after several council members expressed how drab and bare the wall looks with just a relatively small replica of the city seal.
Among the possibilities that were tossed out by staff included a mural or perhaps a larger city seal.
While no council member made any comments publically, several indicated during a break they weren’t overly keen on spending money for that purpose.
Here’s a suggestion: Why not contact the Mayors Committee on the Arts to revive the two-month-long displays featuring the works of various Manteca artists that took place prior to the $800,000 plus council chambers rehab project several years ago that made the facility Americans with Disabilities compliant and brought the room’s technology into the 21st century?
And if city is itching to spend $1,500 on something for the council chambers why not fix the water fountains that haven’t worked for months that are located in the rear of the building?
Access to drinking water during long meeting may not be an issue for department heads and council members as they are supplied bottled water.

Centennial banners
grace driveway entrance
at Manteca Civic Center
Two snazzy banners are now attached to light poles in front of 1001 W. Center Street noting Manteca is marking 100 years as a city. They are complete with the city’s centennial logo.
Manteca was incorporated as a city of May 28, 1918.
Banners are something to keep in mind as they have never been fully utilized on the end-of-the-19th-century street light poles installed downtown on Yosemite Avenue and Main Street almost 14 years ago. Tracy regularly deploys city banners along Eleventh Street and in their downtown. It’s a great way to market city events as well as the community’s attributes.

River Islands school
boasts sailing club
River Islands Tech Academy is probably the only school in the Northern San Joaquin Valley — if not the 209 — that has a sailing club.
It is run by a teacher using a manmade lake next to the campus in the River Islands at Lathrop development.

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