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House unsafe after woman drives into home twice
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CERES (AP) — Authorities say a home in Ceres is unsafe to occupy after a woman drove her SUV twice into her own home following a fight with her husband.

When police were called to the home late Tuesday they found the SUV protruding from the front of the house, while the driver of the car, Rosa Calderon, was being detained by a neighbor.

Ceres police Sgt. Patrick Sullivan told the newspaper that after a fight with her husband, the 45-year-old Calderon rammed the SUV into her husband’s car, pushing the car through a wall, and into the kitchen.

Then after backing the SUV up, police say Calderon drove into the front of the house, crashing into several bedrooms.

Calderon was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Wednesday morning building inspectors determined the house was unsafe to occupy.

Meteor fireworks leave Californians stunned

STOCKTON (AP) — Professional observers say streaking fireballs lighting up California skies and stunning stargazers are part of a major media shower, and the show is just getting started.

The Oakland Tribune says the exploding streaks were seen especially over the San Francisco Bay Area and other parts of Northern California, including the Northern San Joaquin Valley with reports of bright fireballs and loud booms from Santa Cruz County to Mendocino County.

National Weather Service forecaster Steve Anderson tells the Tribune that warm temperatures and cloud-free skies are making the bright lights more visible, a phenomenon that should only increase as the weekend approaches and the shower continues.

The fireballs are part of the large, fast Orionid meteor shower, so-named because it has the Orion constellation as a backdrop.