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Illegal dumping: Ripon looks at vehicle impound
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Those who get busted for illegal dumping in the City of Ripon could face stiff fines along with having their vehicle impounded.
City Attorney Tom Terpstra highlighted that point in the proposed ordinance at the June 13 City Council meeting.
Councilman Leo Zuber asked: “What would happen to the vehicle if the person does not collect the impounded vehicle?” 
Terpstra responded, saying that the City would have the ability to dispose of it under the change.
As for violators, they can face a first-time fine of $1,000 or $1,500 for a second or subsequent violation.
A third violation could run up to $3,000.
Harsher fines including up to six months in the San Joaquin County Jail are in store for those found guilty of dumping waste on “the right-of-way or any public highway, street, easement or thoroughfare,” according to the ordinance.
Elected leaders approved the first reading and introduction of the “Illegal Dumping; Nuisance Vehicles” law, which first surfaced earlier this year during their discussion on the old curbside spring clean-up service.
They received numerous complaints on illegal dumping – with it, came public health, safety and environmental concerns – that escalated in recent years.
Council also determined the following:
uIllegal dumping activities can decrease property value, lower the quality of life and attract more unsightly trash.
uMaterials throw out can create a nesting place for rodents, insects, and other vermin while impacting the proper drainage of runoff while making those areas more susceptible to flooding when draining basins become clogged.
uIllegal dumping can place an undue burden on the City in areas of cleanup, public education, and enforcement costs.
As for the vehicle involved in illegal dumping activities, a procedure is in place for seizing and impounding the vehicle.
Council could approve ordinance into law at the July 11 meeting.