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Is sports teams pizza lovers haunt haunted?
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It’s hit or miss for members of the California Ghost Hunters when they set up shop at Round Table Pizza on Daniels Street in Manteca waiting for drop-ins to tell their tales of haunted homes.

And when Mountain Mike’s Pizza and adjacent Chilaberrie’s owner Jeff Liotard walked in and talked of strange occurrences inside of his own pizza parlor – which has been a staple of the Manteca community for decades – it would take further investigation to determine whether anything exists.

Now they think they have a recording of something concrete.

According to Jaimee Lee of the California Ghost Hunters, the group got an audio recording of the name “David.” It is a name that didn’t ring any bells with Liotard, who had thought maybe the paranormal activity was from the ghost of a previous owner who had passed away.

“Right now we don’t know who ‘David’ is, but we’re talking to people to see if we can find out more,” said Lee. “When we go back to places several times, we get a better feel for what’s there, and we’re looking forward to making future trips to Mountain Mike’s to see what we can find.”

Though EVP – Electronic Voice Phenomena – the group was able to capture the name during their late-night excursion to the business at 1120 N. Main Street. The parlor has been a popular eatery with local sports teams for years. Photos of local youth and high school teams that have been sponsored by the business adorn the walls.

Founded by author Edward Krietemeyer and targeting the Central Valley as their coverage area, the California Ghost Hunters take a scientific approach to researching paranormal activity. The group uses a combination of equipment that can be seen on many of television’s popular ghost hunting programs, as well as a few that Krietemeyer personally made.

Lee said that the group is hoping to go back sometime in the next couple of weeks, and plans to keep talking to people who might have some clue to who “David” might be and how he might be related to some of the other paranormal activity taking place.

“We want to throw this out to the community to see if anybody might be able to help us learn more about this,” she said. “That’s one of the fun things about doing this is learning about places and things. Hopefully we can find out more.”

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