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Its disco mania on stage at Manteca Idol
Manteca Idol contestant Brian Rodrigues sings “Brickhouse” during Wednesday’s competition. Additional photos on
• WHAT: Manteca Idol
• WHEN: Wednesdays at 7 p.m.
• WHERE: Chez Shari on second floor of Manteca Golf Course clubhouse
• MORE INFO: Call the Boys & Girls Club at 239-KIDS

Not a single one of the contestants left in the Manteca Idol contest were anywhere near being born when the 70s disco craze hit with full force.

But that didn’t stop the eight remaining singers from turning in their takes own disco Wednesday night that actually made the thought of wearing a polyester leisure suit seem like it would be a fashionable choice of threads – at least for the remainder of that night.

When you have people like young Annie Banks turning Carl Douglas’ “Kung Fu Fighting” as their song then you know that you’re going to have a good time for the rest of the night.

For the second straight week it was Banks who garnered the top score of the evening with her performances – which seem to be getting stronger as the competition rolls on – in the Junior Idol category.

Shellie Hoyt – who was neck-and-neck with Katelyn Johnson last week in the Manteca Idol scores – took the night’s top score for her disco rendition of Abba’s “Take a Chance of Me” and a beautifully sung version of Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide.”

It’s hard to keep up with a self-proclaimed witch, but Hoyt hit just about every note possible when tackling the Stevie Nick’s classic that has spawned countless covers over the years while still remaining a staple of the 70s genre.

They were truly awesome with their performances for the evening.

But what makes this point of the Manteca Idol competition great is that everybody who saunters up to the mic has the talent to get every single person in the room wrapped up in their performance – whether it’s getting everyone to start the hand clapping or turning the stage time into a full-fledged performance complete with dance moves and an energy you just don’t very many places.

Danielle Osoteo seemed to be the perfect candidate for the BeeGee’s “Stayin’ Alive” which she managed to turn into a blend of pitch perfect singing and impressive dance moves.

The addition of DJ D Ferreira of 95.1 KHOP added a nice comedic touch as his guest judge role quickly morphed into the period of the night that everybody was looking forward to – with his laugh-out-loud funny critiques that included a few references to Britney Spears and a few others that had everybody in the room in stitches.

While it was obvious in some areas that the fatigue of performing every single week was taking its toll on some contestants, each of the remaining eight toughed out another night behind the microphone to take one step closer to the Boys and Girls Club Telethon where the winners of both the Manteca Idol and Junior Idol levels will be crowned.

So if you haven’t come out yet, there are still three more weeks where the finalists will be facing off on a weekly basis each Wednesday with the $5 entry fee going to benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Manteca.

The $5 would have been enough just to hear Brian Rodrigues sing Lionel Richie’s “Hello” or hear Banks turn in a stunning version of Cher’s “If I Can Turn Back Time.”

It’s not too late to come out to Chez Shari at the Manteca Park Golf Course on Wednesday nights at 7 p.m. And with the Idol Salutes The Troops week coming up – with special performers currently set to be added to the docket – it’s surely going to get even better.

I am telling you that for $5 you can get some top flight entertainment and at the same time benefit one of the community’s most respected non-profit organizations.

You can’t go wrong. And when you hear the talent that these kids bring every week, you’ll be glad that you made the trip.