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Just who exactly is MUSD?
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Students in a Manteca Unified School District classroom.

Editor’s note: #PROUDTOBEMUSD is an effort by the Manteca Unified School District to communicate with the school community sand the general community. Segments will appear periodically in the Bulletin

To know who is Manteca Unified School District (MUSD), look at the foundational heritage of our past. For example, French Camp School has served students for 150 years, the original Manteca High School was dedicated 92 years ago, and 6 smaller districts unified to form MUSD 50 years ago next year.
Many in our village make us who we are. Many have spouses, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers and even grandparents who have helped make that foundational heritage. As we continue to look forward to the limitless skies of tomorrow, this year we will share some of the stories of those who have helped make our past. We will look at who we are.
When people hear the name Manteca Unified School District, they lately tend to think about our recent Going Digital project that culminated last year in the deployment of over 24,000 mobile learning devices in the hands of students and teachers. It’s a project that has begun our journey to have our students — and by extension our community — future ready.
This is an exciting time to be a student and a staff member in our District. As we transition to the new California Standards, our village is seen as innovators, creators, and makers.
MUSD partners with our community. We are committed to inclusion and meeting diverse needs. Our relationships with organizations such as City Parks and Recreation departments, Boys and Girls clubs, Give Every Child a Chance, San Joaquin Valley Air District, Rotary, Youth organizations, and private sector businesses are of critical value to us as we build relationships that benefit our students.
MUSD supports families with after school programming, dining programs in the summer, bridge programs to kindergarten, an extensive bus transportation system, parent digital support training as an example.
MUSD employs more than 2,000 people in San Joaquin County, in the communities of French Camp, Lathrop, Manteca, and Weston Ranch, we are connected and committed. Our students are diverse and so are our employees. Together we work hard to promote cultural proficiency along with our academic goals.
MUSD keeps these cultural needs at the forefront by continuing to expand programs in agricultural education, vocational education, career and technical education, advanced placement, visual and performing arts. Our dependent charter school,, has recently added new expansions to some of our high school campuses.
MUSD supports district-wide student wellness program that promotes good nutrition, healthy living, physical fitness and a positive self-image.
MUSD expands beyond the classroom with AgVenture, Steppin’ Out, Planet Party, Science Camp, and Tech Day events.
MUSD builds infrastructure with our modernization efforts to improve existing school facilities. Ensuring that our focus is continuously on student safety and security.
In addition, we are Proud to be MUSD as:
We welcome new students in transitional kindergarten, as they are eager to be learners,
We are the shy student whose student device gives them more voice in the classroom then they have ever had before,
We are the student at science camp who has never been to the mountains before,
We are the special needs student who is learning ways to perform at the level of her/his peers,
We are the student athlete that must quickly change out of his soccer uniform after a game to play in the band for the football game,
We are the club member who feels that personal satisfaction from volunteering to help,
We are the career bound student whose confidence rises when she has cooked something new or who sees his future in what he creates in a virtual world,
We are the Drama student who can finally be himself when he takes the stage, amazing his friends with his performance,
We are the parent who works long hours, commutes, and still makes time to help encourage their child on a project,
We are the employee who often receives no thanks, but makes it all work behind the scenes,
Who is MUSD? We are. We are many people working toward our common goal of reaching new heights together, making our village strong. We are Proud to be MUSD.