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Keeping hydrated key during hot weather
John Golden of the East Union Band Boosters chugs a bottle of water during another warm day to stay hydrated. - photo by JASON CAMPBELL
Setting up the East Union Band Boosters fireworks stand was no cakewalk for John Golden and his team of volunteers.

Temperatures Monday cruised into triple digits for the second day, and the mercury was still hovering around 90 degrees when they began the breakdown of the stand for the night – an unusually warm night for the Central Valley.

With most of his next week being spent in a plywood box with only the combination of fans and water to keep him cool, it’s anything but a comfortable environment.

“The first day, when we were out here, it hit 104 degrees but there was a breeze that was on and off throughout the day – it make things, shall we say, interesting,” said Golden – noting that he’ll be at the booth every day between now and when fireworks sales end at Midnight on July 4. “But when it’s 90 (degrees) and you’re breaking things down, there’s not much you can do.”

With the exception of some shade and rudimentary circulation, Golden will spend the better part of the next week outside tending to the public that want to make their holiday a sparkly one.

The one thing that will make it all bearable – with the exception of the fact that he’ll be aiding in the raising of money for the non-profit organization – sits in an off-blue ice chest just underneath the front counter.
Bottles of water.

“You have to keep yourself hydrated, so I’ve been drinking plenty of water,” Golden said. “We’ve got a team of about 25 volunteers manning this booth, and that’s going to be pretty much the go-to plan.”