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Lathrop City Council may spend $11K for flag mural
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LATHROP – Is $11,000 too much for an American flag?

That’ll be up to the Lathrop City Council to decide tonight whether they’ll spend up to that amount to outfit the city’s new booster pump station – the large water tank on Manthey Road visible from I-5 – with a painted mural of the Stars and Stripes.

In a report prepared at the request of the council, Public Works Director Joseph Reyes outlined a series of options that could cost the city as little as $2,500 – a 10-foot tall flagpole with a flag at the top – or as much as $11,000 for the aforementioned murals that will grace the side of the massive tank.

Lathrop’s official logo already adorns one side of the tank, and affixing a single flag mural would cost the city roughly $6,500.

But the city could choose a third option – raising a 40-foot flagpole that would fly an 8-foot by 12-foot flag – that would cost just as much as the murals but be visible from a much further distance.

The Lathrop City Council meets at Lathrop City Hall, located at 390 Towne Center Drive, on the First and Third Mondays of every Monday of every month at 7 p.m.