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Lathrop imposing fee to pay for Roth & I-5 interchange work
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LATHROP – Developers in North Lathrop are going to have to dig a little deeper when it comes to covering the cost of municipal services that their projects impact.

On Monday the Lathrop City Council approved a transportation impact fee for the northern portion of Lathrop near the point where Roth Road and Interstate 5 intersect.

The idea, according to City Engineer Tom Ruark, is to have the developers in that area help cover the work needed on the Roth Road interchange that will be taxed by new traffic in the area.

The fee – which was suggested by an outside consulting firm who was present at the meeting – will end up being just over $1,300 per traffic trip to those who decide who develop in that area.

And the work that the fee is set to cover isn’t going to come cheap for the City of Lathrop.

The Mark Thomas Company estimates that it will cost almost $29 million to perform all of the work at the Roth Road site – basing the necessary work on an estimated 22,650 additional trips that cars are expected to make once build-out is complete.

But having new fees added didn’t sit well with all property owners that have parcels within the designated zone.

Dan Doyle told the council that he’d take legal action against the city before he ever paid the fee.

“You left the most important property out of that area, and that was Richland’s property,” Doyle said. “I don’t know how right now, but I’ll find a way to challenge you in court. I might go bankrupt because of it, but I’ll fight it until the end.”

The council unanimously approved the measure.

Area being included in the fee zone includes land north of Dos Reis Road extending all the way out to the San Joaquin River

Portions of the planned area extend out into Lathrop’s sphere of influence and also comes in contact with the City of Manteca and the County of San Joaquin – two entities that Lathrop will have to work with in order to include those areas.

The City of Lathrop is currently suing the City of Manteca over the proposed CenterPoint development – a project that Ruark specifically mentioned during the meeting to illustrate the traffic impact to Roth Road.

Manteca city leaders have noted they have not sought compensation from Lathrop for the Highway 99 interchange at Lathrop Road that truck traffic going to and from Lathrop distribution centers use. Manteca may end up having to contribute redevelopment agency funds to the Highway 99 project to make it pencil out.