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Lathrop moves forward with 4 park projects
SAT dog park
Lathrop is making upgrades to the city dog park. - photo by Bulletin file photo

Over the last several months the Lathrop City Council has approved four new park projects.
On Monday the Lathrop City Council accepted bids to move the projects forward.
The council accepted the bid of Dominguez Landscape Services Inc. for $442,924.00 to complete the work on Basin Park. Libby Park and South Lathrop Linear Park as well as the roundabout at Towne Centre Drive and McKee Boulevard near Lathrop City Hall.
According to the staff report, the parks will include:
uBasin Park – On Oct. 17, 2016, the council approved the creation of the Lathrop Road Basin Park for a total of $325,000 from the general fund reserve. The park, which will include grass, landscaping, exercise equipment, benches, tables, trash cans, sidewalks and trees, came in with a bid of $275,806 plus a 15 percent contingency for a total of $317,177.
uLibby Park – On Nov. 7, 2016, the council approved the expenditure of $66,298 for improvements at Libby Park. The park is currently a basin park with decomposed granite walking paths that will be replaced with concrete sidewalks and concrete bench pads. The total budget needed for the project will be $86,028 which includes the construction of $74,028 and $11,000 for design plus an additional $1,000 for staking. A budget amendment from general fund reserves will be needed in the amount of $19,730.
uSouth Lathrop Linear Park – On March 20, 2017, council approved upgrades for the Lathrop Dog Park at South Lathrop Linear Park with a budget of $46,750 to be funded by Measure C Reserve funds. Park improvements include the installation of a decomposed granite pad by the existing benches, replacement of turf around the park entry with concrete mow strips and stabilized decomposed granite, top dressing which will be added under the existing oak tree and leveling and seeding of more than 40,000 square feet of the dog part itself. Funds for this project have been allocated in the 2017/18 budget.
uTowne Centre at McKee Blvd. – On Oct. 3, 2016, council directed staff to design a low cost, low maintenance landscape project that will increase the appeal of the existing traffic circle at Towne Centre Drive and McKee Boulevard. The project includes cobble set in concrete, synthetic turf, four “City of Lathrop” concrete signs, new irrigation, planting, and lighting for trees and signs. The total budget needed for the project will be $88,234, which will include the construction work of $63,862, a contingency of $12,772 and city-supplied signs of $11,600.
City staff is asking for a total allocation of $530,993 which includes the bid total plus a contingency fund of $88,069. Staff is also requesting a budget amendment in the amount of $106,964 from the general fund reserve to help pay for the work.
The bid from Dominguez Landscape Inc. was almost $100,000 less than that of the only other bid that was submitted – a $542,213.30 bid from Elite Landscape Construction.

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