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Lathrop no longer calls massage firms adult businesses
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It’s a business that definitely has a stigma attached.
But in the eyes of the Lathrop City Council, massage parlors – referred to as a “massage establishment” in the proposed municipal code amendment – will no longer be classified as an “adult” business.
According to Lathrop Community Development Director Rebecca Willis, it’s forbidden in California to refer to licensed “massage establishments” as adult businesses – therefore removing the mandate that would restrict their placement within the community.
And that wasn’t the only outdated portion of the municipal code that got a touchup last week when the Lathrop City Council approved a series of changes that both changed classifications of certain things and created classifications for those that weren’t previously defined.
Here are some of the new additions and updates that were codified:
uHome-based businesses will now not be able to park anything other than a standard passenger car, pickup truck, van, sport utility vehicle or a customized version of one of those in driveways or on the street. The issue came before the council as a result of complaints from residents who were tired of semi-truck cabs being parked in neighborhoods.
uThe term “recycling center” was formally recognized in the municipal code for the first time. Per California regulations, grocery stores that sell recyclable items and those with the California redemption value are required to have on-site recycling for people in order to return their empties.
uNew homes are now required to have 35 percent of the front and street side yard landscaped with living plant materials. Only 25 percent of the total available space needs to be dedicated to natural turf. That item was updated because of inquiries from the public about the installation of synthetic turf in place of water-hungry lawns in residential areas. The new provision applies only to new home construction.
uFence height requirements as well as setback requirements are now clearly defined in the municipal code. fence and sound wall requirements for residential districts is outlined in the existing code, and new setback requirements and measuring methods will make it easier for residents to discern whether their proposal is within the guidelines.
uCalifornia’s water efficient landscape ordinance was adopted in order to keep the City of Lathrop up to the state standard.