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Lathrop votes to increase available sewer capacity
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LATHROP – The City of Lathrop is preparing for the massive growth that is coming its way.
Last week the Lathrop City Council voted to approve a series of steps that will essentially increase the city’s available sewer capacity by 150 percent — allowing for up to 2.5 million gallons of wastewater to be treated every day.
And it ultimately will be development that pays the lion’s share of the expansion.
A total of five development companies have agreed to cover the $23.46 million that is required to expand the city’s wastewater treatment plant.
Of the additional 1.5 million gallon capacity, 1.1 million gallons of that will be assigned to individual developers who covered the cost of the construction – with their financial contribution determining their capacity – and the remaining 400,000 gallons will remain unassigned.
The entities that are funding the expansion are:
uRiver Islands – With a final build-out total of 11,000 homes, River Islands has agreed to pay $13.9 million towards the total to receive 652,840 gallons per day of capacity.
uCrossroads Users – The entities that previously used the Crossroads treatment plant, which is being decommissioned, have agreed to post $4.6 million for 216,000 gallons per day of capacity.
uRichland Developers – The one-time developer of what has come to be known as the Central Lathrop Specific Plan has agreed to pay $2.56 million for 114,000 gallons per day of capacity.
uSaybrook – The development company that has taken over the failed Richland project around Lathrop High School has agreed to cover $2.45 million for 100,000 gallons per day of capacity.
uLathrop Mossdale Investors – With a $386,220 contribution towards the project, those with an interest in expanding some of the developments West of I-5 will receive 17,160 gallons of capacity per day.
The massive undertaking will require more than $823,000 worth of consulting services to make sure the construction runs smoothly, and will also include a stipulation where the City of Lathrop – per an agreement with the developers of Crossroads and Califa LLC – will purchase a 3.5 acre parcel that will allow for the expansion and installation of new ponds for $303,000.
Of the total cost of the project, $20.08 million will go towards consultants and construction, $54,934 will go towards the Crossroads decommissioning, and $999,600 will go towards upgrade to the existing sewer treatment facility.
The City of Lathrop will also purchase some of the equipment necessary for the city to operate it’s own SCADA – supervisory control and data acquisition – system that will save the city costs in the long-run. The entire cost of that portion of the project is just over $524,000.

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