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Less vehicle accidents in Manteca, more injuries
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A traffic accident happened every 14.8 hours in Manteca during the first five months of 2012.

And while the accident statistics through May of this year show a 5.54 percent decline over the same period of last year dropping from 258 to 241 accidents, the numbers of injury accidents as well as hit-and-run incidents have increased sharply.

Based on statistics gathered by the Manteca Police Department from January through May of 2012 compared to the same months in 2011:

• injury accidents are up 14.43 percent going from 67 to 76.

• hit-and-run accidents are up 9.52 percent going from 21 to 23.

• property damage only accidents are down 11.98 percent going from 169 to 192.

• accidents involving driving under the influence are down 11.98 percent going from 23 to 19.

There have been no fatalities in 2012. The first five months of 2011 saw one traffic fatality in Manteca.

Traffic tickets issued are down in all but three categories.

There were 26 child restraint violations issued by Manteca Police in the first five months of this year reflecting an 85.71 percent increase. They went from 14 in 2011 to 26 this year. Seat belt violations are also up 30.94 percent going from 181 to 237. Driving under the influence violations were up 9.72 percent going from 72 to 79.

Decreases in tickets included:

• parking violations falling 70.75 percent from 506 to 148.

• moving violations declining 2.3 percent from 781 to 763.

• non-moving violations dropping 4.64 percent going from 647 to 617.

• all other violations slipping 8.17 percent from 808 to 741.

Total citations issued by Manteca Police during the first five months of this year are down 4.11 pe4rcent going from 2,361 to 2,264.