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Levees protecting Lathrop, SW Manteca get blessing
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The levees protecting Lathrop and southwest Manteca have been granted 100-year flood accreditation by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The news comes on the heels of reports last week from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers that noted seven of the 10 Central Valley levees they inspected did not meet federal safety criteria and could be threatened in a flood or storm.

Reclamation District 17 that oversees the levees from a point midway between Mossdale and the San Joaquin River’s confluence with the Stanislaus River to French Camp Slough on the northern edge of Weston Ranch has been told they will receive a letter providing the 100-year designation in the coming days.

Formal accreditation will come by way of a Letter of Map revision that will be issued within four months.

The Army Corps of Engineers has performed inspections on the levee along the east side of the Lower San Joaquin River recently. They deemed the levee’s condition as “unacceptable” based on deficiencies they found.

Various reclamation districts, including RD-17, worked with consulting engineers to correct the shortcomings pointed out in the inspection report.

Documentation was then provided to the federal levee watchdog that the improvements had been made.