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1,073 more homes start city review process for Manteca
New home construction in Manteca. - photo by HIME ROMERO

Manteca will grow farther to the south and farther to the north than it has ever before with two new housing projects submitted to the city.

Plans call for two new Manteca neighborhoods with a combined 1,073 homes.

They are:

*763 homes in the north for property at Lovelace Road and Union Road north of Del Webb.

*310 homes in the south for property at 9715 East Sedan Avenue south of the proposed 734-home Hat Ranch project and to the west of the two 90-degree curves on Sedan Avenue.

Based on March 2024 city numbers, that means there are 13,309 housing units — including apartments —in the development pipeline.

The number is gleaned from the City of Manteca’s housing inventory update as of March 2024 that included finished, entitled and pending lots/multiple family units.

That could work out to 41,391 more people based on Manteca’s 2023 housing occupancy yield of 3.11 people per unit regardless of the housing type if they are all built.

To put that in perspective, 41,391 more people is

*45.4 percent of Manteca’s current population of 91,000.

*4,088 more than Lathrop’s current population of 37,303.

*1,775 more than the  combined 39,616 population of Ripon (16,440) and Oakdale (23,176).

*roughly five times the current population of Escalon (7,523).

An additional 41,391 residents is more than the population of 12 of California’s 58 counties


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