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2 convenience stores with gas pumps seeking Ripon approval
gas pumps

The Ripon Planning Commission will be hoping that stay-at-home orders for the COVID-19 pandemic will loosen up by the summer.

Planning Director Ken Zuidervaart said at last Tuesday's Ripon City Council meeting that "a couple gas stations are in the pipeline" is scheduled for the July 20 monthly session.

All meetings in the Council Chambers are currently closed to the public for the aforementioned reason and available via livestream.

"Hopefully by July we will be able to have public meetings again as one of the gas stations will be a public hearing," Zuidervaart said.

The two gas stations equipped with convenience stores are planned for different parts of town.

According to Zuidervaart, one will be at the corner of Jack Tone Road and Canal Boulevard while the other is at the corner of North Ripon Road and River Road.

"The (North Ripon Road and River Road station) is not going to be a 24-hour operation," he said, indicating that both the convenience store and pumps just south of the Mistlin Sports Complex will be closed during evening business hours.

Not so for the gas station in the area not too far from the Highway 99 off-ramp at Jack Tone and Canal.

Zuidervaart pointed out that the 24-hour operation equipped with a drive-thru fast food restaurant will also have land set aside for a future car wash in plans.

"It will come as a separate application to the Planning Commission at a future date," he added.