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Del Webb at Woodbridge groups support Manteca
Boys & Girls Club President Phyllis Abrams, left, accepts a check for $8,500 from Women of Woodbridge members Birdie Nieri and Kathy Belcher.

Eight years ago members of the Women of Woodbridge — a social group at Manteca’s Del Webb neighborhood — read how Manteca Unified was struggling  to make sure homeless students had everything from school supplies to toiletries.

They decided to help out. That resulted in a sizeable check from the proceeds of one of the fundraisers they stage each year to specifically help children in the greater community.

Last month a formal affair attended by 300 people over two evenings at the Del Webb clubhouse allowed the Women of Woodbridge led by President Polly Smith to present the Manteca Boys & Girls Club with an $8,500 donation.

“We are always looking for ways to help children in the community,” noted Women of Woodbridge member Birdie Nieri.

This year the benefactors of the club’s generosity have been the efforts by Manteca Unified to assist homeless students, the Challenge Academy in Lathrop and the Boys & Girls Club.

Between the various social groups based in the 1,420-home community, Del Webb residents have presented more than $200,000 during the past 10 years to various community endeavors.

An example is the more than $60,000 the Lugnuts of Woodbridge car club has raised for the Manteca-based Second Harvest Food Bank that helps feed struggling families throughout the Northern San Joaquin Valley.

Del Webb residents also give of their time.

The Women of Woodbridge, as an example, provide manpower for various school endeavors such as the academic decathlon. Del Webb at Woodbridge residents have helped swell the ranks of volunteers involved with Seniors Helping Area Residents and Police, Seniors Aiding Fire Effort, Give Every Child a Chance, the Second Harvest Food Bank, as well as other groups.

They also have raised considerable money in support of nearby East Union High even though there are no students generated from the neighborhood. 

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