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46 wayfinding signs for Manteca get OK
The front design of the adopted wayfinding signs.

It’s a question that more than a few people ask from out of town who happen to stop in Councilman Gary Singh’s store — where’s Bass Pro?

Visitors later this year may not have to ask strangers how to find key attractions in Manteca. And at the same time they may discover there are places they may be interested in visiting and even spending a few dollars.

That’s because on Tuesday the Manteca City Council approved placing 46 wayfinding or directional signs around the city for $51,910.

The council directed staff to add Bass Pro Shops to the list even though it was noted by senior management analyst Randy Saffold that Bass Pro Shops was hard to miss driving down the 120 Bypass and that it was lumped together on the signs with other retailers by wording and arrows on the signs that would point in the direction of “shopping.”

Singh noted not all visitors use the 120 Bypass to enter Manteca. He also underlined the fact Bass Pro Shops is a unique retailer with a 100-mile draw. Store figures have shown they draw upwards of 2.1 million visitors a year many of whom are armed with cameras and smartphones taking photos of the unique displays. More than 97 percent of its taxable sales are to non-Manteca residents. Also, Bass Pro — just like Big League Dreams — is a reason why many now travel to Manteca from out of the area.

City staff had no problem recommending placing Great Wolf’s name 14 times on directional signs despite their 500-room, 5-story hotel fronting along the 120 Bypass plus a large monument sign will be even more imposing than Bass Pro Shop. That’s because of the deal the city inked to bring the $180 million indoor waterpark resort opening in mid-2020 to Manteca requires the city to have wayfinding signs with Great Wolf’s name listed.

The front of the proposed sign design will employ white lettering against a dark blue background with a small red ribbon of color above a bit larger segment of yellow on the bottom. The backside of the sign would be split in half with “iconic images depicting a day in the life of a Manteca citizen on one half and the winning entry of the new city logo contest along with the municipal slogan “Manteca: The Family City” on the other. 

The points of interest that will appear on various signs are downtown, the Civic Center, library, golf and tennis facilities, the BMX track, Big League Dreams, the courthouse, the Chamber of Commerce, post office, cemetery. museum, shopping areas, ACE train, Great Wolf Lodge, Woodward Park, Highway 120, Delicato winery, skate park, and hospitals.

 Staff will bring back three entrance signs for Manteca for the council to consider that will be of a similar design.

The aluminum signs will be mounted on poles that are the same style as the ones used for decorative street lights in downtown, at Tidewater Bikeway plazas, Daniels Street west of Airport Way, and other locations in town. 

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