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Austin Road landfill seeks OK to expand
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The privately-operated landfill on Austin Road northeast of Manteca where a large chunk of the trash buried is trucked in from outside of San Joaquin County is seeking to expand.

Forward Landfill operated by Republic Services wants to expand its landfill footprint by 17.3 acres to 372 acres. The landfill can be seen from Highway 99 to the east of Stockton Metro Airport and is on Austin Road north of French Camp Road and south of Arch Road.

The San Joaquin Planning Commission will, consider the expansion when they meet Thursday, May 16, at 6:30 p.m. at the auditorium at the San Joaquin County Department of Public Health Services, 1601 East Hazelton Ave., Stockton.

The expansion will add the ability to bury 8.1 million more cubic yards of garbage.

Among the major points of the recommended approval by the county planning staff:

Residents with homes within 100 feet of the centerline of Austin Road from French Camp Road to Arch Road will have the option of requesting funds from Republic Services for installation of a sound barrier and/or additional insulation to buffer the noise of passing garbage trucks.

Truck trips will be capped at 233 a day and will impact the Highway 99 interchanges at French Camp Road and Arch Road but no mitigation will be required.

Given it is under the flight approach for Stockton Metro Airport a mile to the west Republic Services must step up its gull and bird control program.

Republic Services must provide bottled drinking water to residents on Newcastle Road to the northwest of the landfill until such time the City of Stockton extends piped water to the area due to groundwater contamination.

The expansion would allow disposal at the landfill to continue to operate until approximately 2036 for a six-year increase from the current anticipated closure of 2030.

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