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Manteca Unified juniors & seniors return
Lathrop High Assistant Principal Martha Dent talks to students during their first day of in-person learning on Monday.

Juniors and seniors throughout the Manteca Unified School District returned to their new normal on Monday.

That was the official first day of in-person learning for students at Manteca High, Sierra High, Lathrop High, Weston Ranch High and East Union High.

“They have a new drop-off area, and all but a handful had their Health Survey ‘green check’ completed and were ready to go,” said EU Principal Raul Mora.

He’s referring to the symptom check survey for students and staff for COVID-19 self-screening. They received the go ahead to enter campus with a ‘green check.’ A red stop sign means to stay home and contact MUSD Health Services between 8 and 11 a.m.

Changes around the campuses varied per school site.

"We had a great first day back," said Lathrop High Principal Greg Leland.

The events of the day kicked off with Senior Sunrise 2.

Only a portion of junior and senior classes were back, with others making their way back today. Students have been divided into two groups. One group attends school in person Mondays and Thursdays and the second group Tuesdays and Fridays. When a group is not on campus they are distant learning. All students distant learn on Wednesdays.

Weston Ranch Principal Troy Fast called it the "B Group" consisting of 25 percent of his juniors and seniors. Across MUSD, all five comprehensive high school sites allowed for portions of upperclassmen to keep down the student populations during this time of social distancing and other safety protocols.

"We were very prepared for this day," Fast said.

Frank Gonzales, who is the principal at Manteca High, was also pleased to see students back on campus.

More are on the way with freshmen and sophomores being transitioned in similar fashion beginning on Nov