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Third robbery at 7-Eleven in a month
7 eleven shooting
A store clerk points to one of the bullet holes in a shelf in the 1 a.m. Monday robbery of cash at he 7-Eleven Convenience Store on West Yosemite near El Portal Avenue just east of Union Road. - photo by GLEN KAHL /The Bulletin

 A 32-year-old clerk was hit by gunfire four times in the third robbery in 30 days at the 7-Eleven store on West Yosemite Avenue near El Portal Avenue just east of Union Road at 1 a.m. Monday.
The gunman emptied shots into the soda machine and a shelf below the front counter holding soft fruit drinks.
Money was taken in each of the three robberies over the last 30 days.
Manteca Police were able to recover the 9 mm rounds.
The wounded clerk was taken to the San Joaquin General Hospital trauma center for treatment. The wounds up and down his right side and leg were reportedly not life threatening.
The shooter was described as an African American man in his early 20s who reportedly fired from a position next to the front door.  He was said to have been wearing a mask covering his face and a jacket with only his eyes showing.
Convenience store owners say they keep in contact with each other making other stores aware of robberies at their location so they can be on the lookout for suspicious individuals.
Witnesses reported seeing a red car leaving the scene of the robbery.

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