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Colony Oak/Huff traffic signals almost done
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The Colony & Hoff Signal Project near Highway 99 will soon replace the four-way stop.

The Colony & Hoff Signal Project is close to being completed.

Once done, the intersection at West Colony Road and Hoff Drive will go from a four-way stop sign to traffic lights.

This is the Highway 99 on ramp / off ramp area in Ripon with McDonald's and Taco Bell at opposite corners.

"We're finishing up," said Engineering Supervisor Elizabeth Quilici at the Oct. 13 City Council meeting. 

She added that PG&E will be hooking up the power and Caltrans will be in charge of maintaining the signal lights.

Pacific Excavation has been handling the project consisting of the installation and electrical work for the traffic signal, controller and loops, handicap ramp modification, traffic control, signage and striping.

The project was initially estimated at about $428,000 but several change orders boosted cost to $531,000.

The latest was for about $17,000 for the repair of unforeseen underground obstructions and modification needed to meet ADA compliance.

The latter was to cover the pedestrian push buttons at two locations calling for two separate posts for the crosswalks.

The underground obstructions were discovered during excavation.

The two abandoned man-made foundations were removed to make way for the installation of the signal pole base.

Caltrans, in addition, required a telephone line and fiber optic line.

An existing conduit was to be utilized for the installation. During the work, it was discovered that the existing conduit was damaged and needed to be repaired, Quilici noted.

The recent change order will be paid via the City's AB1600 Capital Transportation Fund.