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Mayors Park, Springtime Estates street work
mayors park crack
This pavement crack on Stoker Way at Kelley Drive is typical of street issues in the Mayors Park neighborhood.

Streets in 12 city neighborhoods as well as the Manteca Industrial Park have deteriorated to the point they need to be literally ripped up.

The city for close to a decade was aware of the problems and even indicated five years ago they would start addressing neighborhood street upgrades starting with Springtime Estates. The current council — frustrated just like previous elected officials that things weren’t moving forward — directed staff last year to prioritize all street needs by severity and needed repairs. They then pared back the number of street projects that were being juggled so that funds and attention could be directed to the worst streets even with limited city resources.

The result is the city has just replaced the worst segment of pavement in Manteca — 2,500 feet of Lathrop Road east of Airport Way. It was completely rebuilt.

The Lathrop Road work never even appeared on any capital improvement project lists but once it was identified as the head of a Top 10 list of streets requiring removal of the asphalt and reconstruction the council directed staff to make the work happen.

It was the first step in “working down the list” that the council viewed as marching orders for staff to find money to tackle.

All of the identified 10 streets are all major arterials and originally were built as county roads and annexed into the city.

Last week the city got the ball rolling to start working on the 13 groupings of almost exclusive neighborhood streets — the exception being the Manteca Industrial Park.
The 13 streets need what is called “removal and reconstruction” due to pavement failing or starting to do so. The process involves rebuilding worn out asphalt pavement by recycling the existing street. Old asphalt and base materials are pulverized, mixed with cement and water, and compacted to build a strong durable base for a new asphalt service.

The council last week call for bids to do “removal and reconstruction” on the Springtime Estates neighborhood streets in the triangle formed by Louise Avenue, Highway 99, and the SaveMart commercial area along Main Street. That project will cost $1.4 million.

Also going to bid is work estimated to cost $1.8 million for streets in the Mayors Park neighborhood triangle bounded by the railroad tracks, Union Road and Louise Avenue.

Both neighborhoods have streets marred by cracks wide enough that they are tripping hazards. Springtime Estates was built in the 1980s when it wasn’t uncommon for residential streets to be built without a base.

Based on the weather and the schedule of the firm awarded the bid the work will start either later this year or in early 2021.

The most pressing

need for street work

The top 10 streets the city has identified for removal and reconstruction costing $17.8 million plus in descending order are as follows:

*1. Lathrop from Airport Way to east of London Avenue

*2. Main Street from south of Atherton Drive to north of Woodward Avenue

*3. Yosemite Avenue from the city limits at the railroad tracks to east of Airport Way.

*4. Woodward Avenue from Atherton Drive to the railroads tracks.

*5. Airport Way from Lathrop Road to the railroad tracks

*6. Airport Way from Louise Avenue to Yosemite Avenue

*7. Austin Road from Yosemite Avenue to north of Highway 99

*8. Woodward Avenue from South Main Street to Van Ryn Avenue

*9. Austin Road from north of Sandra Street to south of Jeane Road

*10, Airport Way from Atherton Drive to south of the 120 Bypass

The top 13 streets that require full depth reclamation costing $21.5 million plus in descending order are:

*1. Springtime Estates streets

*2. Mayors Park streets

*3 Shasta Park streets

*4. Industrial Park Drive streets

*5. Franciscan Village streets

*6. Union West streets

*7. Cedar Glen streets

*8. New Horizons streets

*9. Greenview Estates streets

*10.  Spring Meadows streets

*11. Magna Terra Estates streets

*12. Hildebrand Addition streets

*13. Sherwood Forest streets

The top 7 streets that require 2 inch overlays with dig outs costing $1.3 million plus in descending order are:

*1. Swanson Road from Yosemite Avenue to the end of the street

*2. Zinfandel Lane from Chenin Blanc Drive to the end of the street

*3. Northgate Drive from Airport Way to Bolton Lane

*4. Norman Drive from Hutchings Street to Dyer Avenue

*5. Trinity Street end to end

*6. Tidewater Bike Path from Lathrop Road to Industrial Park Drive

*7. Mission Ridge Drive from Grouse Way to Partridge Lane