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Councilman attacked by homeless man
Giving tree being organized for family of two Manteca girls killed in 1-880 crash
dollar in hand

Gary Singh is literally on the front line of Manteca’s homeless quagmire.

Singh — a first-term Manteca City Councilman and liquor store owner in the East Yosemite Avenue center anchored by Grocery Outlet — was punched last week by a homeless man.

The man was aggressively panhandling in front of the store approaching customers as well as those walking to the market.

Singh asked him to leave. The individual entered the store and Singh again asked him to leave. The man said he had every right to be in the store and then announced he was going to grab a bottle, did so and walked out. Singh followed and demanded the bottle that the man stole be returned.

The homeless individual tossed the bottle on the ground and when Singh went to pick it up the man punched him in the head.

It wasn’t his first encounter with the man or other homeless and panhandlers. It’s been an ongoing battle for Singh to keep panhandlers out of the shopping center and dealing with unlawful actions of the homeless.

Some homeless have vilified him as he refuses to sell them liquor — or any other customer for that matter — when they appear inebriated.


Giving tree being

organized for family

of two Manteca girls

killed in 1-880 crash


The following is an open letter to the community from Brock Elliott School Parent Teacher Organization Secretary Terri Brown of the efforts to help the family of Brooke and Christy Limas — a current and a former Brock Elliott School student — who were among the three Manteca residents killed in a crash on I-880 last week:

“As most of you know, our community was recently devastated to learn of the horrific vehicle accident that involved two of our Manteca families.  The school aged children attended Brock Elliott elementary and Sierra High school.  As a school we have decided to help the family out the best way we thought possible.  We are making a “giving tree” of gift cards for both families.  Our hope is to ease a bit of the financial burden that these families face.

“After realizing just how tight of a community Manteca is and knowing that this tragic event has affected the entire Manteca community, we have decided to open this donation up to all of our Manteca community.  If you would like to donate any amount of gift cards to places such as grocery stores, restaurants, gas cards, Target or Wal-Mart, please drop these cards off during office hours to the Brock Elliott elementary school office this week. 

“Thank you in advance for opening your heart and coming together as a community to support our Manteca families in this time of tragedy.  “


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