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746,790-square-foot distribution under construction in former Manteca pasture
new building

A decade ago there wasn’t much activity on the 190 acres on the southwest corner of Airport Way and Roth Road except for a few cows milling around at a dairy that was on its last legs.

Today it is a different story as that 190 acres — now known as CenterPoint Business Park — is the hottest business park property in Manteca when it comes to distribution centers.

Tactical 5.11 opened its 404,657-square-foot global distribution center in 2018 that has the ability to expand by another 134,000 feet.

Last year Penske Logistics — the firm contracted by Lowe’s Home Improvement to handle their Northern California and Nevada distribution system — opened in 551,475 square feet of leased space. Almost immediately work began on a 230,000-square-foot expansion. The site Penske is leasing has been preapproved to go up to 1.2 million square feet.

 And now work is well underway on a third major distribution center style building that is being built between 5.11 Tactical and Penske/Lowe’s that is 746,790-square feet.

The environmental clearance including a truck and vehicle count on a daily basis that’s 50 percent more robust than the Lowe’s operation and the robust number of cross loading doors points to a high intensity distribution operation.

City of Manteca Economic Development Specialist Don Smail noted that CenterPoint Properties has yet to announce a tenant. He added, however, their approach to the Manteca business park has been to eschew spec buildings.

The reasons are rooted in the length of time and money invested in the project due to it moving forward just as the Great Recession hit and then lingeried plus the fact the location has high appeal due to it being next door to the Union Pacific Railroad’s intermodal truck to train operation. Using rail to move truck trailers of goods has become a major draw as retailers push more and more for a logistics system that supports same day delivers.

The value of the 190-acre site is increased given that South San Joaquin County has emerged as the fastest growing  area for distribution in the 17 million consumer rich Northern California Metroplex. That’s because in Manteca-Tracy-Lathrop distribution centers are within 45 to 70 miles of San Francisco, San Jose, and Sacramento.

While a tenant for the 746,790-square-foot distribution center hasn’t been announced  it is clear from the analysis that the user Center Point has courted will generate almost as much truck traffic that 5.11 Tactical and Lowe’s will create when the respective distribution centers are operating at 100 percent capacity.

The generation of 11,897 average daily trips reflects complete buildout of just those three building at 100 percent utilization. That means 5.11 Tactical that at now 404,657 square feet would be expanded to 539,057 square feet and the Penske/Lowe’s building from 551,475 square feet to 1,199,997 square feet. Altogether the three buildings would represent 2.34 million square feet.

Under the approved business park plans at least an additional 760,000 square feet of distribution center space can be built. The traffic count for that additional space is unknown as a tenant has yet to be secured to justify construction.



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