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DOCTORS HOPITAL PREPARED: Ready to treat potential coronavirus patients
DHM adds tent for expanded ER patient processing

Doctors Hospital of Manteca stands ready to meet community needs in dealing with the coronavirus.

“I am very confident we can meet the challenge,” said Chief Executive Officer Dr. Murali Naidu, noting the hospital is designed with staff trained to deal with such health threats.

Hospital staff was busy Friday putting in place a temporary tent for patient processing in case it is needed to help with emergency room patients should the need arise in the coming days to handle an influx of potential COVID-19 patients.

Naidu, a medical doctor and surgeon, said unlike other triage situations hospital staff trains for, the coronavirus response is something they can gear up for days in advance of the possible need as opposed to having only a few minutes notice.

That means the hospital not only has staffing ready if it is needed but has lined up supplies beyond the normal levels.

Naidu noted the hospital in its day-to-day operations already has staff that is highly trained in dealing with infectious diseases. The hospital on a routine basis is aggressive when it comes to deep cleaning and disinfecting the premises including keyboards, door knobs and walls. They also are constantly in contact with medical experts through the San Joaquin Public Health Services and the Centers for Disease Control that are dealing with the coronavirus.

Those strong infection control policies, procedures, and systems that are already in place to screen and treat patients are part of their routine treatment of infectious disease.

The CEO pointed out the best course of action for someone who believes they are sick but not to the point they are seriously ill is to see their personal physician. But if they are to a point they are seriously sick they should access the emergency room.

To avoid possible prolonged waits and to allow the ER staff to better triage patients those that are sick and believe they might be infected with COVID-19 can call (209) 823-3111 or go on line at to conduct an emergency room check-in in advance. Doing so can reduce one’s exposure to others that may have the virus.

Naidu said the 73-bed facility has space to care for patients that may need to be admitted. That said, in a scenario unfolds the hospital works closely with other hospitals in the region to monitor bed availability.

For more information on the coronavirus and how to reduce your changes of contracting it go to the CDC website at


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