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A drop in shelter for single adults in Manteca?
Dennis Wyatt
Dennis Wyatt

Don’t be surprised if you hear talk surfacing in the coming months from city officials that are being painted into a corner by court rulings, lawsuits being filed elsewhere in California, and edicts from Sacramento that Manteca might have to consider potential homeless shelter options for single adults.

Manteca — that had its plan to partner with Inner City Action to establish a more robust resource center in the former redevelopment owned Qualex building at 555 Industrial Park Drive to step up successful efforts that have gotten more than 200 individuals off the streets derailed at least for now by Gov. Gavin Newsom — may be running out of options. That is based on the mood of the courts as well as litigants on behalf of the homeless.

Manteca is carefully walking the legal tightrope put in place after the settlement several years ago of a class action suit filed on behalf of four homeless men. The settlement cost the city $51,000 in legal fees and damages as opposed to in excess of a million dollars in legal costs that other jurisdictions have suffered in unsuccessful fighting of similar lawsuits.

Whether Manteca eventually is forced down the single adult homeless shelter path, one thing is for sure — the city doesn’t want to draw attention to its self by trampling the rights of the homeless.

That is why those unhappy about the dozen or so homeless that gathered outside the gated courtyard of the Manteca Library along Center Street a little after 8 p.m. Tuesday after the library had closed need to understand what the homeless are doing is legal.

They had not set up “camp” per se. They were basically hanging out with piles of their belongings. They were on public property that does not have restrictions to the hours of use that apply to everyone such as the nearby Library Park. It is also a perfectly legal place for homeless to sleep from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m.

The homeless that have been spotted sleeping on city sidewalks during the day along the sound wall on the south side of Yosemite Avenue east of Powers Avenue as well as the sound wall along Powers plus on benches along the Tidewater Bikeway are violating the city law based on the time they are catching shuteye. That said rousting them for simply sleeping as opposed to pitching a tent could set in motion edicts regarding the homeless Manteca may not want to invite.

Day 1 of food truck

court is a success

There were eight food trucks Tuesday parked at the Manteca Food Truck Court during its first full day of operation following Monday’s kickoff event attended by up to 400 people.

Food trucks will be along the grassy promenade attached to Library Park along Poplar Avenue to the west of the library daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

It should be noted that while the library is in use such as with activity such as the food truck court the homeless pretty much steer clear of Library Park.

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