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Entire 2nd floor deck now needs to be replaced at city’s golf clubhouse
The entire second floor deck on the municipal golf course clubhouse needs to be replaced due to dry rot. - photo by Bulletin file photo

Manteca 29 years ago spent $2.2 million to build the two-story clubhouse at the municipal golf course.

Now they are faced with the need to spend just over a tenth of that amount to replace the upper deck.

On Tuesday the City Council is being asked to approve a change order that would take the original replacement of two staircases at a cost of $88,000 to $265,224. The council meets at 7 p.m. at the Civic Center, 1001 W. Center St.

The exterior staircases were originally identified as a pressing issue due to dry rot that had made them unsafe.

As work was being done, the contractor discovered two issues that were not apparent when the project was first put out to bid. One involved the fact a change in the state building code since 1990 requires additional railing to meet new standards.

What is kicking up the project’s cost significantly was the discovery of substantial dry rot on the surrounding decking near the southern staircase. That prompted an inspection of the entire deck by removing the trim on the outside of the entire decking. That revealed extensive dry rot compromising the structural integrity triggering the requirement to replace the entire deck.

The city can’t simply close off the upper deck. Not only would it impact the facility use but it would likely create California Building Code and Fire Code violations pertaining to required emergency exit access.

The additional funding would come from the city’s general fund capital reserves.

The city has owned the clubhouse free and clear since 2010 when the final payment was made on a lease purchase agreement. Manteca had been paying $224,000 a year since 1994 on a capital lease with Maryland National Trust Co.   

The final payment on the 1978 project that cost $800,000 to add the second nine holes, built the tennis courts and expand the parking lot was made in 2013.

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