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Effort to raise $25K for RHS stadium PA system
RHS stadium.jpg
Stouffer Field at Ripon High could soon have a new sound system thanks in part to a local radio station promo coupled with matching funds from the Ripon Quarterback Club. - photo by VINCE REMBULAT / The Bulletin

A new and improved sound system at Stouffer Field has been on the Ripon Community Athletic Foundation’s wish list for some time.

According to Stephanie Hobbs, who is the president of this local non-profit group dedicated to enhancing the athletic facilities at Ripon High, the current sound system is inaudible enough that the cheerleaders often have a difficult time hearing the music for their halftime routines.

The P.A. system also makes it tough for people in the stadium to hear recognition events such as graduation, senior night at football and soccer games, and homecoming.

“Those in the stand can’t hear the wonderful biographies being read about the homecoming queen / king courts,” Hobbs said on Thursday. “We live three blocks and can hear some of the games clearly from our porch.”

Not too long ago, the RCAF board of directors received word that their stadium efforts were chosen by KAT Country 103 for the ‘10 Deeds in 10 Days.’  The annual campaign by Modesto-based radio station will be broadcasting live at 7 p.m. from the Schemper’s Ace Hardware at 150 N. Wilma Ave. on Wednesday, March 20.

“We believe we can raise funds needed to install a good quality system by the close of KAT Country’s boardcast,” said Hobbs.

The Ripon Quarterback Club jumped in by agreeing to double every dollar that comes in now and in the end of the live FM radio broadcast, she added.  

RCAF is hoping to raise at least $25,000 within the next 12 days, with the Ripon Quarterback Club pledging as much as $12,500.

“We will work hard to have the new sound system installed by graduation, so everyone can hear their name,” Hobbs said.