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Fifteen Mantecas fined for illegal fireworks
Manteca Police officer David Bright is shown loading illegal fireworks taken from a Manteca home in 2015 into a trailer.

There were 15 Mantecans cited for firing off illegal fireworks on Fourth of July, according to Manteca Fire Chief Kyle Shipherd.

The average fine for the offense runs about $1,000 and can be much higher per the individual-case situation, he added.  

Citations were handed out by firefighters, fire inspectors and police officers, he said.  The offenders will go to court only if they appeal the fines, the chief noted.  

The dangers of the illegal aerial rockets comes with them landing on dry shake roofs, dry grassy fields or into one of the many large junipers around the city.  One such case several years ago lit a series of six 12-foot-tall junipers that melted a nearby plastic swimming pool liner and blistered the back of a home in Raymus Village causing an elderly couple to move to their children’s home awaiting repairs. 

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