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Toy shop opens Saturday in Ripon
fun pix
Aria watches the Hot Wheel car circle through the track.

Lauren Lisa couldn’t ask for a better location.

Her Ripon Fun Factory, scheduled to finally open at 10 a.m. Saturday, is located at 114 W. Main St. in downtown nestled between Pizza Plus and the recently opened Ice Cream Emporium.

“We really wanted this place when it became available back in November,” said Lisa, who is also the owner of the House of Cars – that’s the other toy and hobby store in town specializing in die-cast cars at 467 N. Wilma Ave. Suite #10.

The Fun Factory features 2,000 square feet of toys and games along with a retail environment where kids can not only play but purchase the item.

“My husband (C.J.) and I grew up with Toys ‘R’ Us,” said Lisa of the once beloved toy giant. “That’s something our kids (Aiden, 5, and Aria 4) have not experienced.”

She added: “We’re really doing this for our kids.”

The Fun Factory provides them with that and more.

Besides the full line of all the manufacturer toys catering to kids and collectors alike, the new business in the space formerly occupied by Mello Realty has the Arcade Dungeon featuring several standup arcade consoles with some 3,600 available games and a few flat screen televisions hooked up to video-gaming systems.

The private party room won’t be available as of yet given the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking of which, the Ripon Fun Factory is putting safety first during Saturday’s opening by urging those in attendance to wear their mask and practice social distancing.

“Our retail space will be open and there will be limited arcade use,” said Lisa in her social media post.

Opening day will feature special guest Johnny Jimenez, who is the resident toy expert from television’s Pawn Stars.

He’s also the owner of Toy Shack in Las Vegas.

“There’s no one more knowledgeable about the toy industry than Johnny,” said Lisa, who is encouraging people to bring their valued toy or collectible for Jimenez to assess.

Lisa has also scheduled a guest from the Disney Plus series The Mandalorian – a mural of the Star Wars character is featured in the hallway of the Ripon Fun Factory – for next month.

For more information including hours of operation, call 209.718.1234 or log on to