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Growth will help fund new Ripon corporation yard
ripon corp yard
LDA Architects recently put together a conceptual drawing of the proposed City of Ripon Corporate Yard.

Future growth may be a key part of making possible the City of Ripon’s new corporation yard.

The Ripon City Council held a public hearing on the Corporate Yard AB 1600 fee update at the June 8 meeting.

That’s the Public Facilities Fees as charged by local government agencies in connection with approval of development projects – the purpose of the fees, in this case, would be to defray all or a portion of the cost of the corporate yard expansion as it relates to the Master Plan.

“This fee has been established to ensure the correct amount of revenue is collected from new growth within the City of Ripon planning boundary for the expansion of the City’s corporate yard,” said City Administrator Kevin Werner in his staff report.

Not too long ago, LDA Architects prepared a preliminary design for Phase 1, which is a proposed 12,500 square foot public works building – estimated at $7 million – on a portion of a 10-acre partially developed lot next to the current CNG Refueling Station at 444 Doak Blvd. The project description of the building calls for three maintenance bays, office / conference rooms, locker rooms, common area and support spaces.

The Goodwin Consulting Group prepared a technical memorandum that recommends a portion of future costs “are to be allocated to future growth” and the following increase to the City’s Corporate Yard AB 1600 fee.

Councilman Leo Zuber inquired how much of the cost would the proposed fee pay for under the plan?

Werner’s proposed fee break down was “40 precent from existing customers and 60 percent from new development,” he said.

No one from the public spoke on the matter at this time.