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Guerrero earns Best of Show honors for MHS
MHS art.jpg
The shaded drawing by freshman Stephanie Guerrero in her Intro Art class earned a Best in Show.

Lily Carter is an artist with an entrepreneur spirit.

At the Manteca High Night of the Arts event held Thursday in Winter Gymnasium, the junior in Cyndi Esenwein’s Advance Art class received Best in Show recognition for her abstract painting.

“I tried to find balance and unity,” said Carter of her abstract project.

She also started an online company called Bunni Co. Carter designed the bunny-themed kitchen aprons that can purchased via Instagram (

“I’ve sold six (aprons) so far,” Carter said.

Stephanie Guerrero is a relatively newcomer to the MHS art scene. She was enrolled in Intro to Art, where sketch drawing earned her Best in Show.

“My teacher was excited (for me),” said Guerrero, referring to Jiana Boudreaux, who instructs the Color and Design class.

Day of the Arts also featured Digital Photography, Fashion Merchandising window displays, Theater Tech’s 3D stage models and costume designs, and music under the direction of teachers’ Anthony Dahl, Cody Marchetti, and Andrew Hildebrand.