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Golden West promotes 8th grade class
golden west
Golden West Elementary School eighth-grade teacher Robyn Couillard provides a sign for the times during Tuesday morning’s drive-thru promotional event.

Jacki Bylow never imagined a drive-thru promotional ceremony for eighth graders during her years at Golden West Elementary School.

But the school’s longtime Library Media Technician witnessed just that on Tuesday morning. After 33 years in education, she’s retiring at the end of next month.

“I’ve had so great memories here,” Bylow said as the vehicles paraded through the parking lot celebrating the school’s Class of 2020.

Add one more.

Principal Sherie Gates was thankful for the recent remodel of the school. Included was the parking lot, which allowed a better flow of traffic – as it turned out, it was ideal set-up for the drive-thru special event made necessary by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

A virtual promotion ceremony consisting of students such as Jhoana Garcia addressing the class with her speech “Looking Back on Eighth Grade” and Ashley Vasquez sharing “My Memories” were made available online.

Ervin Mendiola (“My Journey at Golden West”) and Anhelica Quihuiz (“My Life at Golden West”) were also featured.

The Golden West classmates list consisted of Toni Aiassa, Crystal Aleman, Kevin Arias De Jesus, Daniel Barrera, Annalise Bell, Dane Bernadotti, Eileen Cardenas, Izaiyah Castillo, Dennis Centeno, Estrella Chiquito, William Colburn-Roberts, Justin Rain Cordero, Lizeth Corona, Emiliano Cortes Pena, Celeste Deanda, Fatima Del Toro, Kylie Elliott, Nelda Espinoza Arteaga, Miguel Estrada Curin, Anthony Figueroa, Azzurra Flesch-Green, Angelina Franco, Ethan Fraser, Lorenzo Gallo, Jhoana Garcia, Moses Garcia, Kianah Gill, Rubi Gomez, Adal Guitron, Aileena Hahn, Julian Hernandez, Nicole Herrera, Isaiah Herrera Maldonado, Moo Hey, Amneriz Jimenez, Isaac Jimenez.

Joshua Kummli, Brian Lagunes Modesto, Ernesto Lopez, Ulisses Loza, Anthony Lucero, Lizamarie Magsaysay, Angel Maldonado, Luis Mata, Joseph McClendon, Ervin Mendiola Mora, Joseph Moore, Fabrizio Munoz Avila, Mariela Navarro, Donnese Payne, Oscar Pedroza, Melanie Pulido, Anhelica Quihuiz, Lucas Rael-Jones, Miguel Reyes, Paola Reyes, Johnathan Rivera-Schriver, Erika Como Carrillo, Estephany Segura Sanchez, Emanuel Serrato, Ace Sulek, Kylie Talbert, Lance Thomas, Marissa Valdez, dNaidelin Valenzuela-Lopez, Jordan Vargas, Valeria Vargas, Ashley Vasquez, Jesus Villagomez Ramirez.