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2,000 needed to fill stadium Saturday so Keannu Linnell can lead his beloved Spartans again as QB in virtual reality production

You can help Make a Wish come true for Keannu Linnnell.

The 17-year-old Lathrop High student who is battling germ cell neoplasm — an aggressive form of brain cancer — wants more than anything to play football once again with his Spartan teammates.

All it takes is six hours of your time this Saturday, March 9, to help fill Spartan Stadium at 647 Spartan Way Saturday from noon to 6 p.m. while Make-A-Wish Foundation working with EmergeVR will make it possible for Linnell to do just that — virtually.

In order to make it work effectively and to have the biggest impact in virtual reality, organizers who have devoted hundreds of hours to making sure the virtually reality technology is in place to successfully deliver Linnell’s wish is for 2,000 people to fill the bleachers for the production

You are invited back again on Friday, March 15, from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. to fill Spartan Stadium to celebrate Linnell’s Wish Reveal.

In December after Linnell finished the 2016 season quarterbacking for his beloved Spartans and while prepping for the wrestling season, he woke up one morning with severe vomiting. His parents took him to the emergency room. Soon after, Linnell Keannu was diagnosed with a germ cell tumor. He suffered a stroke as he was undergoing surgery to relieve hydrocephalus.

Over the course of two weeks of chemotherapy, the tumor continued to grow. He underwent yet another surgery to remove part of the tumor. That surgery was successful, but Linnell failed to wake up from a coma for several weeks. Doctors discovered that he was suffering from seizures and infarct, which is a localized area of dead tissue on the brain. 

Linnnell has been able to return to school. His parents are allowing him to decide how he wants to progress with his treatment plan and chemotherapy sessions. Linnell has always been a leader to his peers, remains very positive and optimistic and is described as a ‘joy to be around’.

Linnell, who has remained a 4.0 student, is passionate about sports and particularly enjoys watching the rivalry between the Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers. When he is spending time inside, he is playing football on his PlayStation or working out.

Linnell loves playing catch and hanging out with his friends enjoying the great outdoors. While spending time with his family, they enjoy making dinner together, hiking, camping and fishing. He enjoys making things with his father’s carpeting tools and sells them to his friends.  

Linnell was thrilled to learn that he would be granted a wish by Make-A-Wish-Foundation. When thinking of possible wishes, he came up with a number of ideas. Some of his wishes included to have a pool, to go to Hawaii, or to be a football player. Ultimately his most heartfelt wish is to be a football player. It has always been his favorite sport and he has a true passion  for the game. He has always looked up to many talented players and loved to get his ‘hands dirty’ in the game. 

For Linnell, having this opportunity to feel like a true football star would allow him to accomplish one of his ultimate dreams.

Linnell also played as a catcher on the Lathrop High baseball team.

Doctors are impressed with his progressed.  While he is recovering physically dealing with paralysis issues he is doing well academically and is on target to graduate this May.