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Fireworks booth sales benefit Agape Villages
From left, Hank Lawson (Agape Villages), Gina Rojas (Manteca Council of the Central Valley Association of Realtors), Nina Payne (Agape Villages), and Barb Montalbo (CVA of Realtors) enjoy a timeout at the Manteca TNT Fireworks booth Monday benefitting youngsters in foster care.

Every single nickel earned at the TNT Fireworks booth on the corner of Louise Avenue and North Main Street in Manteca will go to helping the young people of Agape Villages.

Hank Lawson mentioned just that on the second sales day of firework products for the Fourth of July home celebration on Monday. He’s the treasurer/public relations for the local non-profit.

Agape Villages is a licensed foster family agency, serving disadvantaged children, adolescents and young adults, from newborn to age 21.

For a variety of reasons – included are dysfunctional biological families or abusive or neglected environment – they were referred to Agape Villages via California’s Department of Social Services, Child Protective Services or Mental Health Services.

The goal is for those in foster care to receive “a stable, loving home where they can be nurtured and begin to realize their full potential,” according to Lawson and others.

Nina Payne saw a promising first day for the fireworks booth on the previous day.

“Sales were great. People are excited to do something,” said the Certification Coordinator for the local Agape Villages.

Payne, who has been with Agape Villages for the past eight years – she enjoys the corner location of the TNT Firework booth – and Lawson were helped out on this day by Barb Montalbo and Gina Rojas of the Manteca Council for the Central Valley Association of Realtors.

The fireworks booth is open daily from 10:30 a.m. to a little past 9 p.m. and possibly longer on both Friday and Saturday, the Fourth of July.