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Displaced Bethany residents return
Bethany Restoration DSC_1976.JPG

Bethany Home’s 19 residents who were displaced by the Oct. 3 rain storm that flooded apartments are back in their one bedroom, one bathroom 560 square foot apartments.

Among them were Peggy Dodge and Bev Warren. Both said that everything that had been placed in protective furniture Pods in Bethany’s parking lot was in good condition as were the framed photographs and art work on their walls. Dodge spent her three weeks away with a son in Escalon and Warren traveled to the Southland where she lived in a friend’s home in Fontana.

 “There was nothing missing, I found everything,” Warren noted.

 “They did a beautiful job, just amazing – doing everything right,” Dodge said.

Dodge works three days a week at the Recovery Shop in Modesto that supports cancer research.

All of the apartments that were damaged by the runoff faced one of the outdoor courtyards where the rain and heavy wind sent water into the facility under sliding doors.

General Manager Cindy Scheublein applauded all the vendors that were employed to bring the apartments back to a living condition for her residents.

She listed them as Gen-Pro Cleaning that took care of the light and deep cleaning, Serv-Pro that started the extraction of the carpets and pulled the base board that had gotten wet from the storm, J. Rangel Drywall came in behind Serv-Pro and pulled the drywall, Kain Panting from Hughson repainted the restored areas and Grace Moving Co. of Modesto put all the furniture and other possessions back in place by using photographs they took initially to know what went where. 

Administrator Rob Wagner noted that it was also very hard on the residents who were left behind when their friends had to move out because of the water damage.  They had to listen to the pounding of workers and the drills that were in use to bring the apartments back to an inhabitable condition.

Scheublein said she was thrilled that no one complained. She said everyone had great attitudes.

Bethany Home is planning a celebration for the restoration event that will include all of its residents in the manor apartments that were affected. 

Grace movers had initially moved all the furniture out of the affected apartments to large POD containers in the parking lot where they were kept safe and dry awaiting the completion of the restoration inside the apartment facility.

Now Bethany is planning a fundraising campaign to help pay for the water damage since the insurance company has said that flooding water damaged is not covered. 

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