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HOPE shelters dreaming of a White Christmas
HOPE logo

Helping Others & Providing Encouragement (HOPE) Ministries is dreaming of a White Christmas.

“We have a number of organizations and churches that adopt families already for Christmas,” noted HOPE Executive Director Cecily Ballungay. “So, what we ask people that want to give to help us have a White Christmas.”

The premise of a White Christmas is simple.

They ask those who want to help to provide  “white” items families they help need year round.

It includes white items such as paper towels, toilet paper, tooth brushes, towels, pillows, linen, pillow cases, socks, toothpaste, notebook paper for school projects and such.

White items that HOPE can use in teaching families life skills and money management as well as to create resumes such as printer paper also are appreciated.

Items such as deodorant, personal hygiene items and such are also accepted even if they are not white.

It is the White Christmas theme, however, that has encouraged people to spend a couple extra dollars when they are at a store to help struggling families.

“You can pick up an extra six pack of toilet paper when you are at the store or purchase a couple of pillows,’ Ballungay said.

The non-profit that assists an average of 75 families year encompassing 225 individuals with 60 percent of them children.

Each family when they leave HOPE are given towels that they use so they don’t have that expense to worry about.

Every second or third family will leave with bedsheets and such as HOPE only uses such items for several different families.

Given the non-profit operates almost exclusively on grants and donations, monetary contributions are always accepted.

It is especially true this year when technical glitches during the annual Evening of Hope fundraiser in November reduced the usual donations of $20,000 or more they typically receive to just $5,000.

The organization needs to come up with $15,000 to plug a hole that will create in their budget.

More information is available at or call 209-824-0658.