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How do you rate Manteca?
City conducting online survey through Dec. 31
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The City of Manteca wants to know how satisfied their customers — community residents — are with the job they are doing.

That is why have rolled out a 22 question survey aimed at gathering what people think of municipal efforts.  It is the city’s second community survey after the initial one was conducted in the fourth quarter of 2018.

The idea — advocated by the Manteca Leadership Roundtable consisting of representatives from nonprofits, the business community, schools, service clubs, and the faith community — is to develop a quality of life and performance measurement tool. The results will assist the council in future decision making. The goal is to make it an annual survey with the objective for the city to try and increase positive performance in subsequent years.

The survey takes an average of 7 minutes to complete.

The community satisfaction survey will be conducted through Dec. 31. It is similar to surveys that have been used in other cities. It can be accessed at the city’s website at

Among the questions being asked:

How long have you lived in Manteca?

Prior to moving to Manteca, where did you live last?

How would you rate your quality of life in Manteca?

Over the past five years is the quality of life in Manteca better, about the same or worse?

Rate your level of satisfaction with the following feature of Manteca: Cleanliness of the city, place to raise your family, retirement destination, availability of affordable housing, and job opportunities.

Rate your level of satisfaction with how the City of Manteca is doing in providing city services.

Rate your level of satisfaction with how the city is doing in providing the following: services for seniors, cultural and performing arts, managing growth and development, trash/recycling operation, maintaining  city streets, providing fire protection, services for youth, recreation programs, maintaining park areas and development, economic development, traffic enforcement and controls, community events, and providing police services.

Over the past five years, would you say the quality of the city’s infrastructure such as streets, sidewalks, water sewer, public landscaping, etc. has (from much improved to much worse).

It asks you to select your top three priorities for Manteca during the coming year.

Over the last year which city departments have you been in contact with and what was your level of satisfaction regarding their service?

Overall, rate your level of satisfaction with the city’s effort to communicate with residents.

What information sources do you use to find out about city news, services, programs, and events?

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