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Manteca teens help clean up waterways, parks
trash river
Photos by Gabriel Ceballos/Gabriel Ceballos Studio A volunteer holds small pieces of plastic retrieved from along the banks of the Stanislaus River along Mavis Stouffer Park in Ripon. The plastic, if swallowed, can be fatal to fish.

The Green Team is looking for volunteers to help clean up waterways and parks in Manteca and surrounding areas.

The effort started by Sierra High senior Daniela Ceballos and cousin Deanna Ceballos who attends St. Mary’s High School in Stockton has already conducted several cleanups including along the Stanislaus River where it runs by Mavis Stouffer Park in Ripon. They were joined by friends and family for the Ripon endeavor.

They are looking for volunteers to help with their next effort on Saturday, June 26, at 11 a.m. planned for Manteca.

Daniela Ceballos said she was inspired to launch Team Green after learning about groups that were reaching out to get volunteers to help organize efforts to help clean the ocean by removing litter and garbage along beaches and shorelines.

Given Manteca isn’t near an ocean, she looked at parks and waterways in San Joaquin County and other nearby areas to focus on.

The cleanup along the Stanislaus River along Mavis Stouffer Park produced a lot of different its.

Besides bits of plastic that could be fatal if fish consumed them they pulled out the prerequisite beer bottles — including a whole case of empties — cans that had been used for cooking and had food left in them, a playpen, parts of an electric fan, and an electronic “keyboard” among other items.

Ceballos said the COVID-19 pandemic also eliminated many community service opportunities for high school students.

“We’re hoping that students needing community service will help,” Ceballos said.

She noted they are not a school affiliated organization.

Ceballos is hopeful that other high school students as well as other community members will join them on June 26. You can check for an update on where the clean-up will be and other details via danic.eb on Instagram or contact Ceballos at 969-3843


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