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Language changes makes it clear city administrator hires, terminates staff
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The City Administrator position – appointed by elected leaders – presides over the day-to-day business of the City of Ripon.

Changes of responsibility were made at Tuesday’s Ripon City Council meeting.

Approved was an amendment to the chapter “Administrative Officer” of the Ripon Municipal Code, updating the employee oversight obligations of the job title currently held by Kevin Werner.

“It’s about time,” Councilman Mike Restuccia said.

The City Administrator, under the amendment, will now be the one responsible for overseeing the hiring and termination of employees, subject to the City’s personnel rules and regulations.

No discussion was necessary as Council also agreed with the following changes to the ordinance:

·         City Engineer position will be included in the scope of the City Administrator’s oversight obligations.

·         Removal of the reference to the City Council ratifying the hiring or termination of employees.

·         Removal of the reference to the “personnel board,” as this does not exist.

This was a first reading and introduction to ordinance amendment.

The City of Ripon, according to the staff report by Werner, operates under a council-administrator form of government.

Council members are called on to represent the community and establish policies that will steer the direction of the municipal organization.